On-Mountain Dining

What to Expect for On-Mountain Dining 2021 Season

  • We will be opening our restaurants on-mountain – both quick-service and full-service.
  • Capacity will be managed indoors, seating will be spaced and transactions will be cashless.
  • At our quick-service restaurants, we’ll only offer ready-to-go hot and cold options to accommodate as many people as possible.
  • Packaged beer and wine will be available at most locations, but our full-service bars on and off the mountain will be closed. We do not believe convening in a traditional bar setting, anywhere in the resort or throughout our communities, is safe amid COVID-19.
  • Food options in quick-service restaurants will be more limited this season, with just a handful of ready-to-go hot and cold options and no ability for any custom or special orders.


To allow for physical distancing, we will manage the number of people in our restaurants in accordance with public health requirements and will monitor guests coming in and out of restaurants. Our approach to each restaurant will be a little different, depending on the layout and flow of each facility. At most of our large, quick-service restaurants, we intend to reconfigure our “scramble areas” to have a cafeteria-style approach, where guest come in and go through a single line, pass all the food options until they get to the cashier.

We will be spacing tables in seating areas as well to allow for physical distancing while eating. We will also be maintaining as much outdoor seating as we can. Given these limitations, we will recommend that guests adjust their schedules and try to dine earlier or later than normal (before noon or after 2 p.m.). We will also encourage guests to bring water, snacks and other food with them on the mountain to ensure they stay hydrated and have the energy needed for their ski day.

We will not be enacting exact time limits for dining tables, but we do ask that everyone be considerate of the time they spend at an indoor table. If the restaurant is at capacity, we would like guests to leave their table when they are finished actively dining to give waiting guests an opportunity to dine.

Guests will be able to bring their own food into our lodges this season, if capacity allows, but we will ask that everyone be considerate of time and only use the table when actively dining.

We will be offering limited access to lockers and changing rooms this season. As the season approaches, each of our resorts will be sharing specific details on the availability and operations of these facilities.